Ács Apartman Hévíz

Kisfaludy program

The subsidized project was implemented within the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program.

  • Beneficiary's name: Veronika Cser-Ács
  • title of the supported project: Kisfaludy Accommodation Construction - development of private accommodation and other accommodation
  • tender identification number: TFC-M-1.1.2-2020
  • the amount of the contracted support: 6,000,000 HUF
  • amount of support (in %): 100%

Brief presentation of the supported project's content:

During the implementation of the project, we strove to serve the comfort and needs of our guests. New beds were added to the rooms with new mattresses. Air conditioners have been installed, which cool our rooms in summer and heat them in winter. Our apartments have completely new kitchen furniture, with an induction hob and an extractor hood.

During the implementation of the project, we acquired the following tools and equipment:

  • Air conditioners, kitchen furniture, induction hobs, odor extractors, double beds, mattresses, wall lamps.

End date of the project: 21.07.2021.

Kisfaludy pályázat