Ács Apartman Hévíz

House rules

Check in/ Check out

  • On the day of arrival, you can arrive to the accommodation between 15:00-19:00. Please arrive without delay at the time agreed in advance by phone.
  • Upon arrival, the guest must hand over his/her personal documents (passport, identity card or driver's license, residential address card) to the accommodation provider for data collection, and the amount to be paid on the spot, accommodation fee and tourist tax.
  • Guests can only use the accommodation in the pre-arranged number of guests.
  • In case of early departure for the booked date, we cannot refund the accommodation fee.
  • We can provide portable cots, high chairs, baby bathtubs and fall arresters for babies/toddlers upon prior notification.
  • You must leave the accommodation by 10.00 on the day of departure, otherwise we will charge a surcharge. Please discuss this request with your accommodation provider in advance.


  • We would like to inform you that Ács Apartman Hévíz is a non-smoking accommodation! Smoking, open flames, and the use of incense burners inside the building is strictly FORBIDDEN!
  • We ask our smoking guests to smoke only in designated areas.

Rules for using the pool

  • By using the pool, the rules for using the pool must be considered accepted.
  • Opening hours: 10:00 - 19:00 in high season
  • Everyone can use the pool at their own risk! Children under the age of 6 and children under the age of 14 who cannot swim can only use the pool under adult supervision!
  • For the safety of our guests, it is forbidden to jump headfirst into the pool!
  • In order to protect the health and physical integrity of the people using the pool's services, the pool cannot be used by people who are intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or intoxicating drugs, have a fever, or have infectious gastrointestinal or skin diseases.
  • It is forbidden to enter the pool with a dirty body! Before using the pool, it is mandatory to use the shower and the foot washer!
  • In case of contamination of the pool water (urine, excrement, vomit, food and drink residues, etc.), a cleaning fee of HUF 30,000 will be charged, the host must be informed in all cases!
  • It is forbidden to eat or drink in the pool! Smoking is only allowed in designated areas in the pool area! It is forbidden to bring animals into the pool area! It is forbidden to bathe in a thunderstorm!

Rooms, furnishings

  • Please use the furnishings as intended!
  • It is forbidden to take the equipment of the rooms, including towels, blankets, bed linen, etc. out of the house!
  • We cannot take responsibility for their personal belongings and valuables, if they are left at the accommodation.
  • When leaving the room, please make sure that the air conditioner and electrical equipment are turned off and the water taps are closed.
  • It is forbidden to bring or store flammable or explosive substances or means of transport (bicycles, motorbikes, etc.) in the rooms.
  • If you notice any malfunctions, please let us know immediately, as we are unable to accept subsequent complaints.
  • In case of possible loss of the keys and gate remote controls, the guests are obliged to report this immediately and to reimburse the price of the keys and the replacement of the lock to the accommodation provider.
  • Pets are not allowed in the guest house due to hygiene requirements.


  • Buffet breakfast seasonally, at predetermined times, or by prior arrangement. In case of accommodation reservations without breakfast, it can be used for a separate fee.
  • Breakfast: between 8:00 and 9:30 in the breakfast room on the ground floor

Washing, ironing

  • The hotel has the possibility to wash your clothes for a separate fee, please notify us 1 day in advance of your request.
  • We can provide an iron and ironing board free of charge upon special request.

Holiday zone - rest period

  • In order to ensure the tranquility of the Guests and neighbors, it is forbidden to make noise, play music or listen to music in the apartments and rooms between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.
  • The host reserves the right not to accept guests who behave scandalously and who do not comply with the house rules, or to immediately remove them from the accommodation.


  • Please note that the accommodation provider is not in a position to take responsibility and pay compensation for damages resulting from events that are not his fault (e.g. natural disasters, hail, fire, power outages, injuries caused in the parking lot, etc.).
  • We are not responsible for personal valuables (e.g. jewelry, telephone, laptop) brought into the accommodation area.
  • The guests are financially responsible for the damage caused by the improper use by the guests, the damage must be reimbursed directly to the host and they are obliged to leave the apartment immediately!
  • The guest is responsible for his own behavior in and around the house, and bears the consequences of any accident.
  • We reserve the right to select our clientele. We do not accept guests who are drunk or aggressive!
  • Please hand over the found objects to the manager of the accommodation.
  • Upon departure, the rooms will be inspected and, in the event of any damage, the resulting costs will be reimbursed to the guest on the spot.

If any problems with the apartment or room arise during your stay, please notify the host immediately. We cannot accept subsequent complaints!

In case of violation of the policy, the accommodation may be cancelled. In this case, we are unable to reimburse the guest for any remaining days.

We wish you a good rest and a nice time!